Kim Kardashian’s husband and rapper, Kanye West, reportedly confirmed that a new album is set to be released on 2017, as he is currently working one year more for record.

According to a recent update, his new album entitled “Swish” may be taking 12 more months before the much awaited launch. It has been noted that Yeezy’s promise to make the album available this year “failed to materialize.”

“I’ve been doing that [making a new album] too,” he told Vanity Fair, quotes NME. “That’s like a sonic landscape, a two-year painting.”

West recently unveiled his new single “Fade” during the New York Fashion Week. He said that the song served as “a glimpse at the painting.”

“That song I played has been a year and a half in the making and it may be still a year from being complete. But it was to let people get a glimpse at the painting,” he continued.

The new song, “Fade”, features Ty Dolla $ign and Post Malone.

Aside from working on his new album, the rapper is also working on his political bid. Kanye has claimed that he is indeed serious in running for the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections.

Meanwhile, his ladylove, Kim Kardashian, praised her husband for helping her “flatter her figure.”

“I really think that my relationship with my husband Kanye really changed everything,” she said during her interview at the Givenchy’s Spring Summer 2016 show, notes CNN.

“I mean, back in the day I thought I had the best style. I look back at outfits and I’m, like, mortified,” she added.

The couple are expecting their second child.