Aside from being a husband and a father, rapper Kanye West has also been working on his upcoming album. His new effort has reportedly been revealed to some  movie and music stars, citing its 17 tracks as “dope.”

It might take some time before Kim K.’s other half will release his new full length album entitled “Swish,” but according to comedian Seth Rogen, Yeezy “rapped his entire new album” to him.

“He didn’t have the lyrics recorded, just beats,” he revealed on Late Night with Seth Meyers Show, quotes USA Today.

“And he went through an entire album, like seventeen tracks, playing the beats on a laptop, and then rapping the songs,” the “Pineapple Express” actor added.

While Rogen may not be a huge fan of Yeezy, he reportedly described the unfinished tracks as “dope.”

Aside from Seth Rogen, Third Eye Blind frontman Stephen Jenkins was also able to hear bits of “Swish.”

“He was playing his new record. I had a dressing room with my name on it and I was like hell yes! Kanye had a dressing room and a nightclub and in it he was just playing his new record,” Jenkins recounted during his interview at the iHeartRadio Festival, via Noisey.

While the “Swish” release date is still unknown, Yeezus has been reportedly working with other artists like Q-Tip, Rihanna, Beatles’ Paul McCartney and Rick Rubin, notes ISchool Guide.

As would the rapper describe his music, West defined “Swish” as “a sonic landscape; a two year painting,” and that it gets better every week. He might not be rushing to finish the album yet, so fans might have to patiently wait for its kick off.

And “Swish” might not the only thing to look out for about Kanye West, as his ladylove Kim Kardashian is about to give birth to their new child anytime soon.