Music lovers are eagerly awaiting Kanye West’s much-talked about album, “Swish” to drop. Many fans are living in the hope that they will one day, witness the album hitting the store shelves, given that anecdotes and other uncertain details about the album have been creating headlines for a long time now.

In a recent piece of news, we now know that the album can be expected to be nothing less than “phenomenal.” When questioned about the status of Kanye’s album “Swish,” Pusha T told Rolling Stone, “I haven’t worked on it at all, but everything I’ve heard is phenomenal and it has nothing to do with any of the other records that were released before. That’s all I can really say about it. He’s super meticulous about the messaging about his album but you guys are in for a treat.”

This probably makes the wait that much more difficult. Last month, comedian Seth Rogen revealed that Kanye “rapped his entire new album” to him. On the Late Night with Seth Meyers Show, he said,  “He didn’t have the lyrics recorded, just beats.” He added, “And he went through an entire album, like seventeen tracks, playing the beats on a laptop, and then rapping the songs.”

Kanye may not be close to finishing the album, and fans may have a long wait before they will finally know what the rapper has in store for them. Until then they can check out two tracks shared by Travis Scott. As noted by Entertainment Weekly, Travis Scott’s post on instagram captioned, “It’s starts.,” featured two numbers titled “Say You Will (Ft. Caroline Shaw)” and “When I See it.”

As it happened to be, “When I See It” turned out to be a spin on “Tell Your Friends,” which was originally for Weeknd’s 2015 album.

Keep coming back for more updates on Kanye West’s album, “Swish.” Music lovers can always hold onto the hope that they may just get to witness the album drop sometime next year.