Artist Scott Marsh has sold a one-off modified print of his Kanye Loves Kanye mural for $100,000. According to speculations, it is none other than Kanye himself who bought it in Sydney.

During the last month, Marsh created the now famous Kanye Loves Kanye mural in Chippendale, Sydney. The mural portrays the rapper standing at six-metre tall, embracing himself in a passionate way.

The strength of social media acted upon it by sending the image across the globe. During this time, the image was spotted by someone claiming to be from Yeezy’s management.

While the mural was complete and social media was storming, Marsh was contacted by someone from the singer’s management. The person offered him a “pretty decent chunk of money” to cover the mural by painting over the wall.

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In response, Marsh demanded for a six-figure payment to paint over the mural. He also asked for a lifetime supply of Kanye’s signature Yeezy Boost sneakers, says 9 News.

Marsh released a one-off buffed print edition of the mural for $132,428, while saying “if Kanye buys that print then I’ll paint over the mural.”

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“I’m offering an oversized print which has been painted over for $US100,000,” said Marsh.

According to Marsh the print has now sold. He also announced that he was on his way to the Lord Gladstone bar in Chippendale to “drink from the top shelf” with the money he has earned.

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Marsh said the mural was to “reflect the love Kanye West has for himself.” However, it is still unknown whether the buyer really was Kanye West.

The Kanye Loves Kanye mural was inspired by a photograph of Kanye and wife Kim Kardashian West posing at the Grammy Awards, says ABC News.

Marsh will likely keep his promise and the Kanye Loves Kanye mural will be painted over, if Kanye himself bought the print.

West was provided with two weeks from March 30 to purchase the print from online art store 1xRUN.