If you thought you’ve seen it all from Justin Bieber, think again.

Recent photos of the Canadian singer will certainly make anyone look twice, even thrice to make sure they saw what they did. The pictures showed Justin Bieber sucking on a pacifier in different places, HollywoodLife reported. The strange images might indicate his intention to get “in touch with his younger self,” the publication surmised.

Although fans initially freaked out at what seemed to be the Biebs’ latest meltdown, they quickly reconsidered after learning the sincere reason behind his pacifier. As it turns out, Justin Bieber wants to quit smoking, Capital FM wrote. His decision to give up smoking came after his weekend at the F1 in Monaco, the publication revealed.

Netizens flocked to social media to share their thoughts on Justin Bieber and his pacifier. Their tweets covered a wide spectrum of reactions. Some asked why.

Others became supportive after learning what the pacifier was supposedly for.

However, some reactions just weren’t nice.

Registered addiction specialist Marty Brenner explained in a separate post of HollywoodLife the reason behind Justin Bieber’s pacifier.

“Sometimes when people are trying to quit smoking cigarettes, they need to replace it with something else that involves the mouth. For instance, I have a client right now who can’t smoke cigarettes or do vape, so now he is chewing tobacco — anything to get the oral fixation, the hand to mouth movements. It’s having something in your mouth. Some people use toothpicks, candy, Nicorette lozenges, anything they can have in their mouth to distract them,” Brenner said.

However, Brenner revealed Bieber’s use of a pacifier to quit smoking was also a first for him despite his diverse clientele. He didn’t discount the possibility that it could work for the Canadian singer. “I have had a lot of eclectic clients over the years and I have never heard of someone using a pacifier to get their oral fixation met, but it’s possible. Either that or Justin is trying to start a new fashion trend,” Brenner added.

The images likely scared Beliebers who have yet to get over the strange behavior the Canadian singer has displayed recently. Perhaps the pacifier could help Justin Bieber get some sleep as well from his exhausting tour schedule.