News of Justin Bieber wanting ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez continues to shock everyone. However, Hailey Baldwin maybe more saddened than shocked.

The Canadian singer posted a throwback pic with Gomez last March 19. However, Bieber may have wanted a reunion even before that. HollywoodLife reported Bieber’s feelings for Gomez might have started in February.

“He kind of started feeling these feelings around Valentine’s Day. It got more once the tour crept closer. Touring is exhausting and he feels lonely while on it, and that is why and when he started feeling more feelings for her. He wants to be with her now that he feels more lonely,” an insider revealed to the website.


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“He knows she enjoys his company and they have a great connection with each other,” the insider added.

Fuelling speculations of their reunion is the appearance of Gomez at the LA stop of his “Purpose” tour. News stories revealed the former couple were spending time at a hotel.

While Jelena fans are hyped up about their possible reunion, Hailey Baldwin is reportedly heartbroken over it.

“Hailey is in such a tough spot, she’s crazy about Justin and she would love to be the only woman in his life but she just can’t force him to commit,” a source exclusively told HollywoodLife in a separate post.

“She’s always played it cool, or at least she tries to, but when he goes hot and cold on her like this it hurts her a lot more than she lets on. This whole thing with Selena is agonizing for her, she really believed that Justin had moved on,” the source added.

no matter the circumstance.

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However, the also source noted Baldwin’s decision to focus on her career and what’s positive in her life rather than dwell on Justin Bieber.

Baldwin recent Instagram message was puzzling but no doubt meaningful for her.