Justin Bieber may not feel sorry for Adele as his latest single “Sorry” stole the top spot from the diva’s “Hello” on Hot 100.

Adele’s newest song was on top for eight straight weeks until JB’s song ended her reign. According to Music Times, Bieber was finally able to overcome Adele due to post Christmas sale slumps. “Sorry” made its way at No. 1 because of 26.5 millions plays this week. He should thank his Beliebers for continuously streaming his songs.

“Sorry” sold around 128,000 downloads last week as well. Furthermore, his catchy song  has been popular on the radio and has been reportedly hailed as the “second-most heard song” with 145 million audience impressions.

Moreover, a number of his songs are crawling their way into the top 10. Another hit “Love Yourself” tightly holds the third place for three weeks, with 164,000 copies sold. On the other hand, “What Do You Mean” slipped off from the top 5 and went down to No. 8.

Meanwhile, Adele may have lost in streaming with 16.3 million plays only but she still holds the crown for being the radio queen with 169 million audience impressions. More than that, “Hello” sold 11,000 ahead of JB’s with 139,000 copies.

In other news, tickets for the Justin Bieber’s 2016 Purpose Tour is now available, notes Marketers Media. Details about the ticket price, dates and venues are here.

As for Adele, her concert tour “Adele Live 2016” will begin on February until June next year. She will be touring across Europe and the UK.

“I have been bluffing this whole time and I’m so relieved to tell you I am of course coming on tour,” she said on her Twitter video.

The Daily Mail noted that it must be hard for Adele to go on tour without his boyfriend Simon Konecki. But the British singer will bring her three-year old son along with her for the entire tour.