Justin Bieber has been involved in another brawl and his fans are not happy about it.

The singer has been slammed by his Instagram followers after he shared photos of him following the fistfight he got involved in Cleveland, Ohio.

The “Sorry” hitmaker got into a physical altercation outside his hotel in Cleveland after the NBA Finals Game 3 on Wednesday. However, it looks like Bieber was not shaken up and instead seems to be having fun with the incident as he posted two black-and-white images of him on IG following the incident.

In one of the photos, the 22-year-old singer wrote: “Not a scratch on this pretty boy.” Mail Online wrote one of his followers commented: You’re not pretty here.” The second photo showed Bieber laying down on a bed shirtless and he captioned the image: “No hesitation.” One of his followers wrote: “’What a wimp” while another commented “ridiculous,” Mail Online reported. The singer then deleted another photo, which showed him with his fist on his chin.

It can be observed that not one bruise can be seen on Bieber’s face, which according to Mail Online is surprising since he appeared to have taken some blows too during the brawl.

In video footage obtained by TMZ, the fight outside the singer’s hotel started after a man threw a punch on Bieber’s head, which prompted the Canadian singer to hit back with a right hook to his face. The clip then shows the “What Do You Mean?” singer tumbles to the ground as the other man falls on top of him.

People magazine noted that based on some social media posts, the singer did not appear to be bothered by what just happened. He was spotted partying after the incident at a local hotspot in Cleveland.

The reason behind the fight is still unknown. However, many speculated that it could be due to some trash talks since Bieber was wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers shirt following the NBA game. Some witnesses added that the singer was also getting overwhelmed with requests for photographs before the altercation happened.

Justin Bieber recently made a statement that he would no longer be posing for photos with fans. He also posted on IG a cartoon image of him holding up a sign that read: “No photos.”

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