The Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Instagram war dragged Zayn Malik’s name into their latest drama.

The Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Instagram war continued as the Canadian singer dropped a major bombshell against his ex-girlfriend. The exchange between the former couple began after Selena reacted to the ultimatum handed out by Justin to his fans. Selena defended the Beliebers. She also posted a photo collage showing her with her own Selenators. Yet it seemed her ex-boyfriend did not take kindly to her intervention. However, his comeback ended up confusing some fans who were not sure who used who for attention.

Alas, it did not end there as Selena had something to say about his comment. Then again, did her reminder of his cheating ways backfire? Their word war appeared to take a turn for the worse as Justin hinted about her and Zayn Malik. This likely surprised everyone as previous reports hinted about her and another One Direction member. Late last year, Selena Gomez reportedly went out with Niall Horan. However, sources close to the Hands to Myself singer revealed the two are only friends.

Zayn Malik has yet to confirm or respond to the supposed comment of Justin Bieber. Of late, reports hinted about his alleged plans to release a tell-all book. The autobiography reportedly includes details from his time with One Direction as well as his past and present romantic relationships. Thus, would it offer shocking revelations about Selena’s past? Then again, many are more curious to find out if it would talk about Simon Cowell. Sources surmised the book would infuriate the music mogul.

Zayn Malik is presently dating model Gigi Hadid. On the other hand, Selena Gomez is currently single. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber is dating Sofia Richie who his Beliebers consider unfit for him. Hence, the cause of the Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Instagram war, according to the Mirror.

Will the Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Instagram war end soon?