Is there bad blood between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? Are the ex-lovebirds caught in a feud over her new man? Did Bieber really ignore Gomez during the iHeartRadio Awards?

According to Entertainment Tonight, the former couple might not be reuniting anytime soon. This came after the “Love Yourself” singer was seen “totally ignoring” his ex at the recent awards show. An eyewitness during the event told ET that Bieber walked by Gomez backstage. He reportedly did not even stop to say “Hi.” The “Purpose” singer “didn’t [even] say a word as she passed.”

According to Hollywood Life, the moment seems to have caught Gomez “off-guard.” The “Good For You” songstress was reportedly on her way to meet the press when Bieber ignored her. After the incident, however, Gomez “changed her path and decided against facing the reporters.”

Why did Bieber ignore his former love? Is the hitmaker still reeling from rumours that Gomez has already moved on from him? Is he really jealous of her reported new man?

It was previously speculated that Gomez might be dating singer Charlie Puth. Gomez and Puth recently collaborated on the track, “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” The two singers “really dig each other’s company.” However, they are reportedly “not really rushing into anything more serious.” Does this mean Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are really never getting back together?

In a separate report, Hollywood Life says this might not happen in the near future. “They keep playing mind games with each other because they both want to wear the pants [in the] relationship,” a source told Hollywood Life. “As much as they want things to happen with each other again, it’s easier to play these games. It seems to be something they enjoy even more than having a normal relationship with each other.”