The latest Justin Bieber Selena Gomez drama took a turn for the worse as Canadian pop star deleted his Instagram account.

Social media lost one of its biggest stars recently. Justin Bieber apparently quit Instagram following the recent drama between him and his ex-girlfriend. However, it is likely he will back. Perhaps, he is only taking time off from the Justin Bieber Selena Gomez drama. Sources revealed his friends urged him to get back on the app and just enjoy it.

Their word war began after Selena Gomez reacted to his initial threat to Beliebers. As it turns out, his fans dissed his new girl Sofia Richie on Instagram. Thus, he threatened to make his account private. His ex-girlfriend advised him to treat his fans better because they loved and supported him before anyone else. Their exchanges seemed to get out of hand from there. His final rebuttal before deleting the account even hinted at her alleged infidelity with a former One Direction star.

The comments from Selena Gomez seemed to strike a chord with the Sorry singer. Soon after, he deleted his Instagram account. Moreover, he has reportedly ignored phone calls from her. According to TMZ, his ex-girlfriend supposedly attempted to get in touch with him. Thus, would it indicate he is still not over her? To date, Selena Gomez wrote what looked like an apology directed to the Canadian pop star.

Meanwhile, the young lady at the center of the frenzy allegedly weighed in on the Justin Bieber Selena Gomez drama. According to E! News, Sophia Richie posted a tweet supporting her Canadian beau. The tweet aimed to reassure Beliebers that he has not forgotten them. Moreover, he is grateful for them every day. Then again, the account turned out to be fake and is no longer active.

Do you think the Justin Bieber Selena Gomez drama is finished?