It is a bright year for Justin Bieber given his tour and the accolades he’s received so far. However, something doesn’t seem right with the Canadian pop star.

Justin Bieber is reportedly exhausted from his tough touring schedule for his “Purpose” concert tour. It’s reached the point that he’s unable to get a good night’s sleep, HollywoodLife wrote. If this carries on, the Beliebers might have to brace themselves for the consequences.

“Justin is working hard, putting on huge shows, traveling lots and as a result, he has come off the rails a bit during his tour. The guy is tired. He aspires to finish the many months of hard work and concert dates in front of him, but he may have to cancel tour dates if he can’t get a handle on his exhaustion. Some changes in his life have to be made ASAP,” a source told the publication.

Justin Bieber has been on the road since March 9 when he kicked off his “Purpose” concert in Seattle. Given his tight tour schedule, he’s had to travel every other day to get to the next venue. The lack of sleep and the lonely life on the road could explain the recent outbursts and breakdown he had onstage in Philadelphia, the publication surmised.

His latest action to ban pictures with fans initiated mixed reactions from netizens. Consequently, he’s been called a “douche” after his announcement. However, given his current state, Bieber insisted it’s the “only way he lasts,” the Mirror wrote.

Justin Bieber didn’t hold back as he defended his decision to Beliebers.

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He followed his initial post with a response to two particular comments that he also screen capped.

The pop star allegedly had another meltdown recently after photos and videos of him walking barefoot in Boston went viral. He was reportedly mad when he told one fan taking a video of him “don’t do that.” However, there seems to be no end in sight yet for his strange behaviour. People reported Justin Bieber seems to be enjoying himself while up in a tree in Boston’s Public Garden.