Fans already eager for the arrival of the Canadian popstar might have to tone down their excitement as problems are hitting the Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Australia early on.

It has only been a week since news of the Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Australia and New Zealand came out. Beliebers waited long and hard for when the Canadian popstar would return Down Under despite his infamous 2013 Believe Tour. Nevertheless, they are excited. Moreover, speculation is rife that the Biebs intends to lease a home in lieu of a hotel accommodation, thus making it more interesting for a lucky fan whose home would fit his detailed requirements.

Yet could the tour be in jeopardy? A couple of problems have fans and music promoters up in arms. Apparently, federal government visa fees took on quite a steep increase to the rate of 300 percent. This development has a great impact on the music industry, particularly the entry of foreign acts into the country. Thus, would it mean a delay or worse, a possible cancellation of the Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Australia? Perhaps not. However, the Canadian popstar, along with his entire entourage, could end up paying more in visa fees. Thus, would he think twice about performing Down Under?

The Sydney Morning Herald likened the situation to the upcoming Guns N’ Roses tour. The band has 80 applications that could amount to AU$22,000 in visa fees given the increase. Consequently, the higher visa fees would affect ticket prices as well.

However, it would appear ticket prices for the Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Australia already went up due to its early sellout. The general ticket sale took place last October 12 but sold out within minutes to the dismay of fans. Yet the resale prices outraged fans even more. According to, prices more than doubled for his Etihad Stadium show in Melbourne. As it turns out, A Reserve tickets originally priced at AU$185 went up to AU$2,528.74. The cheapest D Reserve at AU$85 went up to AU$253.