Justin Bieber Orlando Bloom naked pics caused a frenzy on the worldwide web. Were they intentional or merely coincidental?

Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom enjoyed a bit of downtime while on vacation. Orlando Bloom went on a holiday with girlfriend Katy Perry. Netizens took note of their paddleboard ride in Italy. Across the globe, Justin Bieber also went on a vacation in Hawaii. According to the Huffington Post, the singer let it all hang out for a skinny dip with supposed girlfriend model Sahara Ray.

Yet it seems Orlando Bloom will not be outdone. Snaps of Orlando Bloom with his pants down while still on vacation with Katy Perry hit the Internet once again. This time around, they were at a public beach. However, the presence of onlookers did not deter the actor from expressing his emotions. According to Mail Online, the actor peppered the singer with hugs and kisses while in the water. At some point, Orlando Bloom went into the water and dropped his shorts. Could there be a cheeky reply from Justin Bieber soon? Could Justin Bieber’s and Orlando Bloom’s naked pics be a diss at each other?

One name might stand out in the midst of the Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom naked pics, i.e., Selena Gomez, who caused the supposed rivalry between the singer and the actor. Pictures of Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom last May stirred rumors of something beyond friendly between them. At the time, the actor was already in a relationship with singer Katy Perry. Hence, the controversy that ensued.

Apparently, the sight of the pics also hurt Justin Bieber despite the fact that his relationship with Selena Gomez ended a long time ago. It supposedly triggered his erratic behavior that led to his public meltdowns. Selena Gomez has reportedly seen the recent naked pics of Orlando Bloom. While they might be hot, the singer supposedly felt awkward looking at them. Thus, would she be happier looking at naked pics of Justin Bieber?

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