Justin Bieber One Direction fans seem to be in the same boat following harsh comments made by their idols.

Directioners received a scolding from Louis Tomlinson via Twitter recently. Apparently, the One Direction star responded to haters who trolled him on WhatsApp. Disgusted by the messages, Louis tweeted a rather stern note to address the haters. As it turns out, his mate Niall Horan experienced the same fate.

However, this particular dispute might have a silver lining for Directioners. In contrast, the Instagram war between Justin Bieber and his Beliebers then with Selena Gomez did not end well. Louis’ proposal would likely keep their fans happy for the rest of the week, Capital FM surmised. Instead of threatening to shut down their social media accounts, he challenged internet trolls to a rap battle. The father of one also asked Niall if he would be interested to join him for the encounter.

This is not the first incidence of hate directed towards Louis Tomlinson. In May, Louis received a disturbing call from a fan who threatened his son Freddie. Fortunately, he was able to record the whole conversation. No update of late concerning the outcome of the incident. However, it did bring about the hashtag #RespectLouis on Twitter. The recent events prompted it to trend once again.

Yet, Justin Bieber One Direction fans can likely pick up a lesson from the commentary of @ProudLiLoGirl. It seemed to sum up perfectly the difference between the boy band and the Canadian pop star when it comes to handling fans and trolls.

At this point, many are likely eager to learn if the rap battle would push through. Interestingly, Ben Winston might offer hope. According to Unreality TV, he along with James Corden are behind the Late, Late Show with the popular segments Rap Battle and Carpool Karaoke. It seems he offered the boys a venue for their challenge.

What is the difference between Justin Bieber One Direction Fans?