The Canadian superstar Justin Bieber has surprised his fans again, this time releasing a teaser for his new single “I’ll Show You.”

Before the much-awaited release of the singer’s newest album, “Purpose,” JB shared a teaser of the song’s music video on Nov. 1 via Instagram.

The clip earned more than 800k likes and more than 40k comments.

Today. #IllShowYou #PURPOSE preorder for the song.

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“Justin sits solemnly by a rushing waterfall, surrounded by lush greenery as he sings his heart out,” Hollywood Life described the preview.

“From the looks of things, this is definitely a deep love ballad.”

Aside from the dramatic look of the thumbnail, the video also shows JB skateboarding.

Additionally, Genius noted that the song refers to his experiences few years ago.

Here’s a part of the lyrics::

My life is a movie, and everyone’s watching

So let’s get to the good part, and pass all the nonsense.

So I’m gonna start to do the right thing

When the pressure is coming down like lightning

It’s like they want me to be perfect but they don’t even know that I’m hurting.

This life’s not easy

I’m not made out of steel

Don’t forget that I’m human , don’t forget that I’m real

Act like you know me but you never will

But that’s one thing that I know for sure

I’ll show you I’ll show you I’ll show you

I’ll show you I gotta learn things

Learn them the hard way

Gotta see what it feels like

No matter what they say

So I’m gonna start to do the right thing.

This song, together with other hits like “What Do You Mean?” and “Sorry”, is included in his next album “Purpose” which will be available on Nov. 13, reports Billboard.

Fans can also grab Justin Bieber’s latest music for preorder via iTunes.