Jelena fans might have had their hopes of a possible reunion between Justin Bieber and his ex-girlfriend ruined once again. Another girl is singing about the Canadian pop star and it’s not Selena Gomez.

Pia Mia dropped her new track titled “Justin Bieber,” HollywoodLife wrote. The lyrics of the song talks about something unofficial between two people. However, it’s unknown if she’s actually hinting at a relationship with him. The publication cited lines from the chorus of Pia Mia’s “Justin Bieber.”

Long as there’s no pressure
No I don’t want no pressure
But we could test the waters and let it be whatever
Long as there’s no pressure
I’m not trying to be the only one who’s trying to have some fun
Just wanna do what the hell we wanna
I don’t wanna get tied up no more love I’m tired
Only gets better when there’s no, no, no pressure

Justin Bieber isn’t specifically mentioned in the lyrics of the song. However, its words do call to mind one of his new songs that also talks about “no strings attached” relationships. Hence, his single “No Pressure” from his current album “Purpose” could be the inspiration behind it, Capital Xtra surmised.

As it turns out, Pia Mia is also a Belieber. She did covers of his songs “Love Yourself” and “No Pressure” last year, Sugarscape revealed. The publication praised her renditions and teased if a collaboration between her and Bieber would happen in the future.

Pop Crush described her song “Justin Bieber” as a “snappy, hazy rhythmic-pop jam.” The publication also took note of a mysterious male voice on the track that bore some similarity to Bieber’s vocals. Was this a secret collaboration, Pop Crush wondered. Listen to it here.

Selena Gomez reportedly has her own song about Bieber that she released prior to Pia Mia’s track. Although his name isn’t specifically mentioned also in the lyrics of “Feel Me,” the song might have hinted at memories of their past relationship.