Beliebers wanting that someday Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will come back together may probably have to do away with that last shard of hope.

Look’s like, this “What Do You Mean” singer has moved on. It was just recently that Bieber’s getaway with Jayde Pierce to Bora Bora was creating headlines. Now comes in the news that the teen-heartthrob may be dating his long-time backup dancer, Elysandra Quinones, as noted by Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

The rumors began circling when last Wednesday Bieber was seen enjoying the night with his team at the Holborn pub in UK.  He is currently in the country promoting “Purpose” which is expected to launch on November 13.

It was there that Bieber and Quinones were seen getting cozy. The two spent time with each other at the pub, with Quinones leaning in to whisper sweet-nothings to Bieber.

It was while he was at Bora-Bora that Bierber’s nude images surfaced and gripped the online world. Soon after, his duet with Gomez, “Strong” was also leaked. This probably would have had hopes rising in Beliebers again. But as it turns out Bieber has been with a lot of women lately.

So it will be difficult to say whether Quinones is the one who has stolen his heart or Bieber will soon be seen with some other women, who are as smitten by him as his back-up dancer.

As noted by Realty Today, Quinones said, “he is cool” and was seen up-close with Bieber, which clearly indicated something more than friendship was brewing between the two.  This time, though, fans shouldn’t expect to hear anything from Bieber’s reps either confirming or denying anything.

Looks like his fans, will have to wait and watch to see whether he moves on to the next lady he meets or he actually shares something more serious with his current date.

Beliebers can keep coming back here for more updates; with his next album, “Purpose” to be out soon, you will surely find more stories here.