Justin Bieber is sporting a new tattoo. However, unlike his previous inks, Beliebers are enraged at where the pop star chose to have it done.

Justin Bieber got a new face tattoo while in New York City last May 7, US Weekly reported. The singer headed to the West 4th Tattoo Parlor to get a cross tattoo inked right below his left eye. Bieber was with his friend Joe Termini who got a similar tat.

Bieber and Termini didn’t end their night there, the bosom buddies headed to Up & Down, a Manhattan hotspot. The pain of his new tattoo didn’t seem to bother him as he performed his hits “What Do You Mean?” and “Sorry”, the publication reported.

US Weekly noted the singer has over 50 tattoos all over his body. This includes a giant cross, a pair of wings, and the image of Christ. Bieber also had the title of latest album inked. The pop star revealed his latest ink on Instagram the next day. The singer was reportedly excited about it and wanted to show it off, HollywoodLife revealed. Celebrity tattoo artist Jonboy also shared a photo of Bieber on Instagram. The angle of the shot revealed the pop singer’s “curiously red and swollen cheek”, People remarked.

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Yet despite his jubilation, Beliebers are not amused. Fans outraged by his decision to get a face tattoo shared their thoughts on Twitter.

As it turns out, Bieber had considered a face tattoo, but not for another 20 or 30 years. People cited his first-ever GQ cover issue wherein he revealed his intention to get one when he’s 40 or 50.

Meanwhile, a separate post from HollywoodLife revealed his face tattoo wasn’t the only highlight of Bieber’s NYC weekend. While at the West 4th Tattoo Parlor, Justin Bieber was overheard leaving a voicemail for someone called Sel, was it meant for Selena Gomez?

The publication surmised Bieber wanted to wish his ex-girlfriend good luck on her “Revival Tour”.