Would rumors about a romance brewing between Drake and Hailey Baldwin create tension between the “Views From the 6” hit maker and her supposed ex Justin Bieber?

Though their matchup might seem unlikely to some, Drake is reportedly interested in pursuing a relationship with Hailey Baldwin, HollywoodLife revealed. The pair supposedly got close at Drizzy’s Memorial Day party then had their first date a day later.

“Drake and Hailey are dating super casually, but he is really into her. They met through mutual friends and are taking things slow,” a source shared with People. Another source who was also at “The Nice Guy” club at the time of the rumored couple’s date said the two “seemed very happy. They kept close to one another, but weren’t super affectionate since they knew people were watching,” the publication quoted.

Moreover, to avoid paparazzi, the rapper and model also left the club separately, the publication added. Yet other sources revealed Drake’s intentions towards the model might be serious, Us Weekly wrote. “Drake has been pursuing Hailey. He has been showering her with gifts. He’s really trying hard,” sources told the publication. However, the feeling might not be mutual as of now. Another source revealed Baldwin’s still caught up with Justin Bieber.

“She’s interested but she’s not serious about Drake. She’s still hung up on Justin [Bieber],” the source said. Hence, her “love” for the “Sorry” singer could be what’s stopping her from having a relationship with Drake, HollywoodLife wrote in a separate post.

Bieber might still have feelings for his on-again/off-again girlfriend as HollywoodLife revealed in yet another post. It seems like he gave her a warning about Drake but Baldwin might not take it seriously. “Justin is telling Hailey that Drake is a player and she should watch herself around him at all costs,” a source told the publication.

“She is laughing off Justin‘s talk and considering it jealousy and that it is a matter of the pot calling the kettle black,” the source added.