Fans of “Jelena” may have to kiss their hopes goodbye as the “Good For You” singer has told W magazine that she’s “so done,” not to mention that she’s also “so exhausted” about the rigors of their relationship. In response to that, a source close to the “Where Are Ü Now” singer has told HollywoodLife that “Justin [Bieber] is content knowing that he will never date Selena ever again.” Apparently, the feeling is mutual between the two A-Listers.

Although this is sad news for fans of the then-power couple, the feelings actually seem to be written all over Justin Bieber’s songs. Justin Bieber churned out a series of songs about moving on, bitter relationships, and just going on to pursue his life. It seems like some songs may have even referenced his previous relationship with Selena Gomez.

For instance, “Love Yourself” seems to be a track about telling the girl to just move on, take care of herself, with sad notes about the tumultuous parts of the dissolved relationship. It may even take off from the dismissive curse, “Go f*ck yourself.” The video itself also reflects the energy of a relationship gone sour.


On the other hand, “Sorry” is exactly that—an apologetic look back at a love gone wrong, encased in a trippy, EDM-laced video that brings the listener to thoughts of chilling out at the beach. While Justin has declared that he’s fine with never getting to date Selena again, the song may express his regrets at the mistakes made in their relationship.


Lastly, the Skrillex and Diplo collab is possibly the most explicit and confusing reference to the Jelena dissolution. Fans and music pundits were left scratching their heads, as the song kept asking “Where are you now that I need you?” More than that, scribbles of “Selena” were seen throughout the official video.


On the other hand, around the same time that “Where Are Ü Now” was released, Selena released a track named “Good For You,” which speaks of a girl doing her best to be, well, good for her significant other.


Selena later released a track that minces no words in “Same Old Love,” which is more reflective of the statements she released to W Magazine.


While songs may reflect the songwriter’s current state of mind, singers may or may not feel the same months after they write, record, and release the track. So whether their songs were reflective of their feelings towards each other or not, the fact remains that on the record, both young stars have told the press that they’re done and over with the couple that they were.

Fans may forever wish for “Jelena” to come back together, but it seems like they’re better off going separate ways.