Beliebers must truly adore Justin Bieber. While the pop star’s recent actions left some of his fans empty handed, his “cold” attitude appeared to be no big deal for them.

Justin Bieber was inside his vehicle headed out of a garage in New York, the Mirror reported. Beliebers at the scene wanted to snap selfies with the pop star and hoped to possibly get his autograph. However, their requests were ignored. Bieber appeared to be moody at the time, the publication noted.

His mood worsened when someone threw something through his open car window. The singer appeared visibly upset and asked the person who did it, “Why’d you throw that?”

HollywoodLife surmised his icy response was justified after that incident. And while others might slam Justin Bieber for what he did, the Beliebers who witnessed the “awkward encounter” were still happy they were able to see him. In fact, one of them shouted her undying affection. “I love you! I’ll see you tomorrow, Justin!” the publication quoted.

This isn’t the first time Bieber has disappointed his fans. The publication recalled his recent announcement to cancel his meet and greets forever. In a separate post, HollywoodLife revealed the dilemma of six women from Australia greatly affected by his decision.

According to the publication, the women saved their money to be able to travel to the United States for Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” Tour. They purchased Ultimate and I’ll Show You packages that would afford them VIP opportunities to get up close and personal with their idol.

Despite their disappointment, the women weren’t mad at Bieber. They were more concerned about getting a refund. “We saw on Twitter but nothing was confirmed. It was all up in the air and we didn’t know why they were cancelled. We just felt heartbroken,” they said. “We are glad he’s putting his mental health first. Our issue is with the promoters and they are not giving even a partial refund,” they added.