There is always a constant buzz around the pair – Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. Whether it be about them dating or their upcoming tour, the two are often in the news together. And of course, now would be the right time to cash-in on the hype surrounding the two.

According to Naughty Gossip, their managers are now looking to get them a movie. A source told the website that their managers think that the two have the potential to be the next Brad and Angelina.

“He thinks they could be the next Brad and Angelina. They are both very talented and if they find the right script this could be huge,” sources told Naughty Gossip. “They love making music but making films will be the next step for both of them. Beyonce is a movie star, so why shouldn’t they be, too?”

As noted by Celeb Dirty Laundry, Ariana has some experience as an actor through Nickelodeon, but Justin may have to work up his acting skills if the movie rumors begin to materialize.

Whether fans will see them in a huge commercial Hollywood movie remains to be seen, but currently Beliebers are waiting for Justin’s upcoming album “Purpose” to be dropped.

Also, much to the delight of Justin and Ariana fans, the two may soon be hitting the road for their tours. Fans may get the opportunity to witness Justin and Ariana perform alongside on the tour. Reportedly, they will be performing to both solo songs as well as duets.

Justin’s new album “Purpose” will be out on November 13, with just two-days to go, Beliebers are bound to be excited. However, one question remains and it is whether fans would like to see Justin and Ariana do a movie ?

Do you think Justin and Ariana should go ahead and star in a movie together ? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.