Justin Bieber is turning 22. To celebrate his birthday, we round up 22 facts about our favorite Canadian “Love Yourself” pop star.

Time Magazine earlier came up with 21 Bieber facts ahead of the singer’s 21st birthday. Most of the trivia below were confirmed by them. Now that he’s 22, we’re kicking it up a notch.

1.  Justin Biber will celebrate his birthday with a net worth of about A$280 million ($200 million). This, Yahoo! Finance earlier confirmed.

2. Sorry, Taylor Swift. Justin is the youngest singer to have five #1 albums in the States.

3. He is also the first solo artist to get four of his singles on Billboard’s Top 40 even before he released an album.

4. The Internet made him a star at 13 years old.

5. His Madame Tussauds statue immortalized his love for ex Selena Gomez, according to Hollywood Life.

6. He’s the first solo artist to have four Top 40 singles before even releasing an album.

7. He won his first Grammy Award this year.

8. “The Notebook” is his favorite movie.

9. He has a 3D concert film and documentary under his belt. The film, “Never Say Never,” grossed nearly $140 million (US$100 million) worldwide.

10. What’s his ultimate, go-to restaurant? T.G.I. Friday’s.

11. When he’s not eating at T.G.I. Friday’s, he’s having his favorite tomato and mayo on Wonder Bread sandwich.

12. Or, if not,  he’s probably enjoying a bowl of  Cap’n Crunch Berries and Frosted Mini-Wheats.

13. What could he be binge-watching right now? “Smallville” and “Friends.”

14. Sorry again, Taylor. Bieber and Kanye West are reportedly bros.

15. He has a tattoo of Jesus.

16. There are more people following Bieber on Twitter than there are people in Canada.

17. His haircuts have been speculated to cost up to $1000 (US$750).

18. His dad was once a mixed martial arts fighter.

19. He has a crown tattoo.

20. Which website does he frequent? FreeTypingGame.net

21. If he had not been discovered as a singer, he’s probably studying to be an architect now.

22. He has a tattoo of an owl and the word “Believe” on his left arm.