After earning a modest profit at the box office, the “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” franchise has shared an unused poster of Superman on social news network site Reddit. The poster features a horrifying avatar of this comic book superhero.

The aftermath of the terrifying battle between our DC comics champion Superman and General Zod may leave the fans wondering whether Superman is a villain or a savior. Such devastating outcome actually inspired Zack Snyder to follow up “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” The whole plot has been developed to stop Superman from causing further disaster.  The flick showed Bruce Wayne / Batman (Ben Affleck) among the parties of society who believe that Superman needs to be stopped and to act accordingly without any security breach.  “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” received a mixed response from the audience as well as the critics.

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Warner Bros. remarkably flexed its marketing tactic just to boost the ongoing discussion surrounding the film, particularly with the climax trailer that reveals more action, humor and interesting moments from the film. Reddit poster Mister_873 has posted a couple of character posters that remained unused in the movie’s marketing campaign. Although they are quite good and story appropriate, it’s easy to make out why the studio eventually decided not to use them.



Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice- Batman

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman Horror

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice- Superman Horror Version

According to Screenrant, the Batman poster is more or less what the fans have already seen in the Dark Knight when he was exhausted and hopeless after 20 years of trying to clear out Gotham City. The damage caused by Superman kind of made Batman frantic. On the contrary, the Superman poster would only have strengthened criticism over Snyder’s illustration of the character. With flames charging up behind his eyes, the “Man of Steel” appears more like the antihero from a horror film than a superhero.

Truth be told, Superman doesn’t use his burning vision much in the film. The unused poster mostly portrays the “Knightmare” chapter from the movie, in which Batman has a nightmare about the awful future where Superman has gone very, very bad. If the franchise, along with Snyder, sticks to this plot and uses it in the upcoming Justice League sequels, we might get to see an uglier, more horrifying side of Superman.

How far do you support this anti side of Superman? Would you like to see it one more time on the silver screen?