“Justice League” is about to kick off in theaters in two years’ time but spoilers have been surfacing as early as today. According to the latest bits, super villain Darkseid is not included on the roster of villains.

Morning News USA reports that Steppenwolf might replace the “tyrannical villain” in Part One but the production team behind the upcoming DC Extended Universe’s film are keeping their lips sealed about it.

Darkseid, also known as the “God of Evil,” has conquered many planets and is one of the fiercest villains of “Justice League.” But despite his great interest to conquer the earth, another rumour has it that he might send his son, Kalibak, instead.

Kalibak is known to be one of Superman’s nemesis as well. Should Darkseid’s son be involved in the upcoming film, the latter might only have a few appearances on the post-credits scenes.

Aside from the latest rumour, what should DC fans expect from the upcoming, two-part “Justice League” film? Cinema Blend has some of the juiciest bits about the superhero flick.

According to the site, the motion picture is expected to have a PG-13 rating, same with other DC films. There could be some violence and conversations that are not suitable for very young audiences.

As for the plot, Part One will allegedly reveal the team’s formation while the second part will be “more of a standard sequel.”  Both parts will be directed by Zack Snyder.

So far, fans would like to see these “Justice League” members: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, Shazam, Cyborg, and Martian Manhunter. There have been reports in the past that Wonder Woman and Aquaman might have a feud somewhere in the film.

“Justice League” Part 1 and 2 is expected to kick off in cinemas on Nov. 17, 2017, and June 14, 2019, respectively.