“Justice League” production work is under process in London. In the meantime, director Zack Synder   met a group of journalists in the War Room of the movie set and dropped some hints on the plot of the upcoming series.  The update was revealed through a footage showing how Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck) meets Barry Allen/The Flash (Ezra Miller) in the super-hero tale and recruits him for his mission.

On day 111, of the shooting the 60-year-old director played a three-minute clip featuring Barry Allen in casual clothes enters an abandoned, graffiti marked building, a warehouse of sorts. The place is best described as The Flash HQ.

A few steps in, Bruce Wayne is seen waiting in the other corner for Barry to return. This is the first Justice League recruitment scene indicating that next series is indeed a very different movie than its predecessors.

As we saw, at the end of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” Superman’s death has inspired Batman to unite the metahumans and get ready for a larger danger that the Dark Knight can sense is coming.  Underlines Cinema Blend.

Barry is confused. Bruce introduces himself, and then he hands Barry a printout from the surveillance footage we saw in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” as Barry continues to deny it with jokes as Bruce looks around the room with his back towards Barry.


“My special skills include viola, web design, fluent in sign language… Well, gorilla sign language…

Bruce’s attention moves towards the mannequin where The Flash costume sits. He starts describing it with complimenting words like ‘heat and damage resistant materials’.


“I do competitive ice dancing. Look, man, I don’t know who you are but whoever you’re looking for, it’s not me.”


“It’s what they use on the space shuttle to prevent it from burning up on re-entry.”

As Bruce faces the screens, he rapidly turns and whips a ‘Batarang’ straight at Barry’s face. Barry looks shocked and terrified as he notices it’s a Batman weapon hurling towards his face.

When time returns to normal Barry curiously asked:

“You’re The Batman. THAT seems like an over simplification.”


“I’m putting together a team – people with special abilities.  You see, I believe enemies are coming”

Before Bruce can finish, Barry impatiently interrupts him.


“Stop right there… I’m in!”



“You are? Just like that?”

Screenrant reports, it is unclear how soon in the movie this scene takes place. Perhaps Bruce opts for The Flash when he and Wonder Woman failed to enlist Cyborg. The Flash recruitment scene seems to be to highlight that “Justice League” has more to offer in its range of characters and situations.