If you have had time over the weekend, then most likely you were able to make room for Suicide Squad. Regardless of what you thought of it, you may agree that Ben Affleck’s appearance was a sweet addition to the film. Though the film highlighted the Dark Knight in the mask, the mid-credits scene was a different story. Was the inclusion of Enchantress in that file a hint for Cara Delevingne’s return to the Justice League movie?

It seems highly unlikely since–spoiler alert–the movie ended with Enchantress gone. However, Flag’s (Joel Kinnaman) crushing of the entity’s heart didn’t kill Dr. June Moon. Instead, June and Flag were reunited after the latter woke up from some sort of cocoon.

With the Enchantress’ powers gone, June is nothing but an average human being. However, is it possible that a tinge of magic was permanently embedded in her?

The movie deviated from the comics in terms of the character’s background and origin. Though this could simply mean taking a more convenient route for storytelling, it could also hint that they have further plans for her.

Whether Delevingne comes back for Justice League is merely speculation at this point.

Justice League movie

With Suicide Squad finally in theaters, DC fans are looking at the next attractions. Wonder Woman and the Justice League movie are the closest in line. Will events from the Suicide Squad dictate what happens in Justice League?

A discussion from Movie Pilot offers some interesting insights on the matter.

One of the notable points the source raises is whether the Flash cameo could mean Captain Boomerang’s (Jai Courtney) return. It cites the Flash’s and Boomerang’s connection in the comics as a potential source to connect them in Justice League.

It is important to note though that both Suicide Squad and Justice League filmed independent of each other. Hence, despite tiny links mentioned for the universe’s continuity, members of the squad won’t bother the Justice League in their own outing.

Take everything with a pinch of salt as these are simply what-ifs.

Stay tuned for more rumors and theories on the Justice League movie.