Months before “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” makes its way in theaters, other members of the Justice League are making themselves known little by little.

Screen Rant reports that first look on other Justice League members like Cyborg and The Flash can be seen on the latest concept art for the upcoming ensemble superhero film. According to the website, a concept artwork was posted at the DC Films Facebook page that not only shows Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, but also the remaining Justice League.

It is important to note that although the Justice League is complete in this photo, it is just a concept art work and does not feature the actual actors that play the characters in the film.

Because of this, Screen Rant discusses that what is shown in the concept art may not be the same costumes that the character will wear once the movies come out.

ComicBook notes that although the DC Films Facebook account is still uncomfirmed–with that blue tick still nowhere to be found–the website got confirmation from Warner Bros. that the account is legit and the concept art is also real. Since the account is new, it will take time for the account to be verified but the confirmation of Warner Bros. should speed up the increase in likes of the said page.

On another note, while the concept art increases the hype for upcoming DC Films, there is still a key character missing in this initial photo of the Justice League.

/FILM notes that Hal Jordan, a.k.a Green Lantern, is missing from the superhero lineup.

According to the website, the concept art poses a big question on whether Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” movie will only feature six of the superheroes and leave Green Lantern out. The article points out that a plan for a “Green Lantern” movie has been mentioned before and it may feature multiple Green Lanterns, so it is likely that the superhero won’t be a part of the Justice League right away.

Nevertheless, /FILM says that since the “Justice League” film is divided into two parts, Green Lantern can be introduced in the second part.

Whatever the fate of this lineup of superheroes remains to be seen.

Fans can witness these superheroes unite when “Justice League Part One” debuts on November 17, 2017.