Fans can look forward to a change in how DC and Warner Bros tell the tales of their favorite superheroes. However, would the adjustments include replacing the actor who plays the Dark Knight in the Justice League movie?

To date, the track record of DC and Warner Bros has yet to surpass its counterpart, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While its recent release Suicide Squad fared well at the box office, it received mixed reviews. Critics panned it whereas audiences loved it.

Hence, it is still far luckier than its predecessor Batman Vs Superman when it came out. The movie failed to live up to the expectation of fans. Consequently, it led to the decision of DC and Warner Bros. to do a major revamp of their upcoming movies. Zack Snyder will still direct the upcoming Justice League movie. However, DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns assured his controversial flourishes are less this time around.

Yet would they consider a replacement for one of their lead stars? An earlier report teased Ben Affleck would direct the solo Batman movie. Moreover, it gave rise to the rumor of Will Smith taking over as the Caped Crusader. Then again, Suicide Squad’s Deadshot is simply being a team player in case Ben is injured while in character.

The role of Batman is one passed from actor to actor. Ben Affleck portrayed him in Batman Vs Superman. He will do so again in the upcoming Justice League movie. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to know who else could likely take on the grim character according to Cheat Sheet.

1. Eric Bana

He might have played the wrong superhero then as the role of the Hulk went to Mark Ruffalo in the MCU.

2. Ryan Gosling

He could add more style and energy to the Caped Crusader’s role.

3. Idris Elba

Batman does not necessarily have to be white.

4. Michael C. Hall

He has lent his voice to the animated miniseries as the Batman in Justice League: Gods and Monsters. Thus, he has had experience.