Doug Liman signed up with DC for directorial duty on Justice League Dark. Thus, fans are likely more curious than ever to find out how the movie would differ from Suicide Squad.

Fans eager to know if Justice League Dark would push received good news recently. Earlier efforts to get the project off the ground fell short when Guillermo del Toro left. However, interest in the movie grew again with the release of Suicide Squad. Doug Liman is reportedly on board to direct the long awaited film for the DC Extended Universe. According to Variety, he left the production of the Gambit film starring Channing Tatum.

Yet why all the attention for a film most likely to premiere several years from now? To date, DC fans are hopeful the forthcoming Wonder Woman and Justice League films would be better than their predecessors were. Many still cringe at the mention of Batman vs Superman. On the other hand, Suicide Squad received mixed reviews.

Justice League Dark fears a unique group of crime fighters. It includes Zatanna, John Constantine, Deadman, Etrigan the Demon, and Swamp Thing. Neither of them identify as superheroes in the traditional sense. Moreover, they are not criminals. Hence, the distinction from Suicide Squad.

Cinema Blend described this bunch of characters as “reluctant protagonists” who have a unique ability, i.e., magic. Thus, their story brings to light the presence of the supernatural in the world. Evil forces even the Justice League are powerless to subdue. Their counterpart in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Doctor Strange, which already has a premiere date this October 27.

The origin of the characters in the comic book shows a bit of darkness. Hence, their usual depiction is as outsiders in the realm of superheroes. Moreover, their magical ability tends to make others suspicious. Yet their intention to protect humanity from the unexplained is sincere albeit their unique methods. Thus, the film could be amazing with a touch of horror as well.

What do you expect from Justice League Dark?