Junior doctors in the United Kingdom have gone on strike following the government’s decision to make some changes in their contract that would affect their pay as well as their working hours.

The British Medical Association called on for a strike that is supposed to continue for 48 hours. Some doctors were said to quit their jobs soon and who plans to move to Australia in search of better medical practicing opportunities. An example of that is medical practitioner Jason Seebaluk, 27, a junior doctor in Euston, London. He expressed that he will be moving to Australia permanently in August. He claimed the government’s proposed amendments to junior doctors’ contracts were the reason behind their industrial action.

The Telegraph UK reported that the authorities have imposed a new contract for junior doctors that will make the medical practitioner work over the weekend on normal pay with an increase in the overall payroll. The government, however, has claimed that it will be a good opportunity for junior doctors and it will help the healthcare units get sufficient numbers of doctors even during weekends.

The General Medical Council has confirmed that it has issued over 2,200 Certificates of Current Professional Status that will allow doctors to work abroad. However, it is not necessary to assume that the doctors who requested for the certificate will definitely leave. The number of certificates issued does not provide an exact figure for doctors leaving the UK and moving overseas. “Our latest data shows only 90 fewer training places have been filled this year compared to last and we still have two more recruitment rounds to go,” the council stated as quoted by BBC.

The strike is the fourth protest relating to the contract amendment proposal, with one scheduled at the end of April. According to NHS England statistics, it has been found that the number of doctors who went back to work was at 46 percent, as some resumed work on Wednesday. The figure includes only junior doctors who are non-members of the union or those who are offering treatment and care in emergencies.