The Jungle Book, a film based on the book by Rudyard Kipling, is to be remade into a live action film featuring the New York actor Neel Sethi as Mogli. Even before its release, it has sparked criticism.

Based on the period of British Invasion in India,the original movie is a subject of hot debate sparking racism issues.

The remake of the 1967 movie will feature Lupita Nyong’o and Scarlett Johansson as potential cast members so as not to fall under the stereotype of “lack of diversity” or just as “Oscars-so-white.”

“The first Disney Jungle Book was based on Kipling; the next one will be based on the movie, so it’ll be another generation removed from Kipling, which will help,” Robert Thompson, professor of television and popular culture at Syracuse University, told Yahoo Movies.

King Louie is introduced in the animated version and is not the character from the book.The character is said to have a lot of negative connotations, depicting the racial differences between African-Americans and Caucasians.Italian-American singer,Louis Prima is casting as Louie though it was initially thought Louis Armstrong would play the role. It was attempt to overcome the racism charges.

“The King Louie character can have his speaking mannerisms updated in a way that suggests he speaks in a manner similar to the other characters,” Jeffrey M. McCall, Professor of Communication at DePauw University said.

“I don’t think the upcoming film needs a total scrubbing, or at some point it would no longer be loyal to the original story. But it can be updated with a keener eye to avoiding stereotypical language or behaviors that could be translatable to ethnic definition.”

“The archetypes introduced to a young Jon Favreau also affected who I am. So I didn’t want it to be distracting, but I definitely wanted to introduce to the next generation some of the influences I was introduced,” Director Jon Favreau said talking about the music introduced in the film to the Collider

Another Indian version of the film in Hindi will feature Priyanka Chopra as a seductive snake Kaa. The Guardian reports.

The movie is said to be released on 6 April,2016 in Philippines.

There is a wide spectrum of unexplored books, Disney should take advice from others, why not make a movie on “The Wonderful World of Aunt Tuddy,” Lisa Suhay of Christian Monitor opines.