Big screen adaptation of the 1968 classic “The Jungle Book” is making rounds these days. It has created ripples among the fans who are now just eagerly waiting to watch it in the theaters.

Holding the ground of its original plot and happenings portrayed within Rudyard Kipling’s source novel, director Jon Favreau’s team has done a brilliant job of bringing the characters to life on the movie screen.

“The Jungle Book” follows the story of a boy named Mowgli (Neel Sethi) who has been raised by wolves. However, as the brutal tiger Shere Khan (Idris Elba) returns who is known for his hatred of “man,” the wolves send Mowgli back to humans for protection.  The young boy was accompanied by the panther Bagheera, the long-time-protector (Ben Kingsley ). Eventually, they run into many animals, including mate Baloo the bear ( Bill Murray), Louie the king (Christopher Walken), and Kaa the deadly snake (Scarlett Johansson).

Since the original classic Disney animated “Jungle Book” film released in 1967 was a big hit, making a remake can be very tricky.  On top of that, the classic version is still loved by many.  Although the entire cast of the remake knew the roles and is nervous about them, they also knew they had a lot to live up to, reports Hollywood.

In this interview, director Jon Favreau discusses how to make a remake when there’s already a classic film.  Idris Elba actually felt nervous to play the tiger Shere Khan using his voice. He has to create a fearsome image of the ruthless Royal Bengal big-cat.  Shere Khan’s hatred for humans has to be conveyed through the strong voice leaving a terrifying mark among the audience.“Shere Khan reigns with fear,” says Elba. “He terrorizes everyone he encounters because he comes from a place of fear.”

Apart from 43-year-old-old British actor, the video also shows Kingsley discussing how all the characters have defined roles, Murray considers he doesn’t look like a bear at all, Walken converses about how his voice must have fit the character already, and Johansson expresses her views related to the giant python Kaa.