A remake of the Jumanji movie from 1995 seems long overdue. Rumors of a revival have been swirling about for a while now. But no concrete plan emerged until three years ago. Filming for this remake will begin in Hawaii this coming fall.

The movie studio earlier confirmed a cast of comedy heavyweights for the revival. Among the cast are Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black. These casting decisions do make sense, since the 1995 film did feature the late comedy great, Robin Williams. But rumors of another unlikely casting choice later emerged. Will singer Nick Jonas really join the Jumanji reboot’s cast?

Most people might know Jonas for his Billboard hits. However, even if casting rumors are proven true, Jumanji won’t exactly be his first acting gig. The singer previously starred in Scream Queens as Boone Clemens. He even became a series regular in Kingdom, the Audience Network’s mixed martial arts series. However, does he really have enough on screen experience to make it? Can he really keep up with the confirmed Jumanji cast members?

A prominent film blog thinks so. According Deadline.com, Sony Pictures is keen on getting Jonas on board for the revival. But they are still figuring out how to iron out the singer’s schedule.

However, his acting chops might not be the only thing Jonas has up his sleeves. The singer earlier admitted he believed in aliens.  “I’m obsessed with UFO stuff in general, so I’m all over this,” he said in an interview last year. This might make him all the more perfect for the Jumanji revival. But fans might have to wait for the film’s actual premiere next year to find out for sure. The movie won’t hit the big screen until July 28, 2017.

Meanwhile, the singer made headlines recently for reportedly turning down a multi-million offer from Donald Trump’s party. According to TMZ, the Republican Party offered Jonas around 2.6 million AUD (2 million USD) to perform at their convention last week.

Will Jonas similarly turn down an offer to appear in the Jumanji movie? No word as of yet to confirm this. Stay tuned for updates.