On February 26, Rebel Wilson tweeted: “If your name is Elizabeth Wilson and you work for ACP Magazines, just know that you are a disgrace for harassing my sweet, sick grandma.”

The actor claims that a journalist has been constantly calling and texting her 86-year-old grandmother, verbally abusing her and leaving her scared.

Rebel Wilson shared a photo of an Elizabeth Wilson captioned: “Here she is: total scum.” However, Rebel got the wrong woman. The photo was of a ‘House & Garden’ editor who had nothing to do with the matter. Twitter users and media outlets told the actress that she had the incorrect photo. The image was deleted and replaced with a photo of the ‘real’ Elizabeth Wilson.


Rebel then sent another tweet, clarifying that there are two Elizabeth Wilsons working for the outlet.


Nonetheless, the ‘real’ Elizabeth Wilson has been left devastated. “I have never ever harassed anybody,” she said in an exclusive interview with Mamamia.

The highly respected freelance journalist was approached by a publication producing a story about Rebel. “They wanted someone on the ground here in Australia to speak with her family … and I agreed to do it. I did ring her grandmother … When we finished speaking I said, ‘Betty, is it okay if I call you back if I have any other questions?’ She said yes. It was all very pleasant … I called her again the day after our first chat … It was a brief chat ending with me saying thank you as she did not want to discuss it any further.”

The journalist did not record or make transcripts of the conversations.

Elizabeth is not on Twitter and was told by friends about Rebel Wilson’s tweets. She told Mamamia, “I am beyond distraught that this happened and that Rebel Wilson has made these false allegations … I even joked with her grandmother that when I travel the world people ask me if I’m related to Rebel Wilson and we laughed together … I just want everyone to know the truth.”