News of Jose Fernandez dead struck Major League Baseball. Aside from a promising career as the Miami Marlins’ pitcher, he left behind his girlfriend Carla Mendoza and their unborn baby. Authorities at the scene of the crash site pieced together the events leading up to the accident.

Details of the unfortunate accident resulting in Jose Fernandez dead along with two others have turned up. The identity of his companions remain unknown to date. Authorities reportedly discovered their boat at 3:30 am ET on September 25 where it crashed on the rocks.

Initial findings revealed the boat was in the Government Cut in Florida last September 24. A further study of the accident pointed to the possibility of speeding as a factor. Police added there were no signs of drugs or alcohol. However, they revealed none of them wore life jackets at the time of the accident. CNN posted footage from the crash site where the boat was found.

A rescue mission reportedly made its way to the scene while helicopters searched from above for the initial search and rescue. Pictures from the crash in the light of day revealed the grim aftermath. Hence, the heartbreak of family, friends and fans at the tragedy.

His team, the Miami Marlins, expressed their grief at the sudden loss of one of its talented players. They also extended their condolences to the family he left behind. Indeed, the tragic boating accident is no doubt heartbreaking for his girlfriend Carla Mendoza who is presently pregnant with their first child. Just last September 20, the pitcher captioned a loving Instagram post dedicated to her and their baby.

“I’m so glad you came into my life. I’m ready for where this journey is gonna take us together. #familyfirst,” Hollywood Life quoted. Click here for crash site pictures from the Jose Fernandez dead tragedy.