The recent Jon Jones news does not easily translate into a happy birthday for the UFC star. According to the recent Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) report, his out-of-competition sample tested positive for substances included in the NSAC’s prohibited list for performance-enhancing drugs.

The Culprits: Clomiphene and Letrozole

NSAC identified clomiphene and letrozole present in the sample Jon Jones provided last June 16. Clomiphene is mainly used by women who are looking to increase chances of pregnancies. For men, clomiphene ingestion is usually done to regularize the production of testosterone after using steroids. WADA has since included clomiphene in their list of illegal doping agents.

Letrozole, on the other hand, is a drug mainly used to treat breast cancer. It works by stopping the enzyme aromatase from producing estrogen.

Jon Jones’ sample tested positive for clomiphene while containing traces of letrozole.

The Consequence: Jon Jones’ Suspension

As a result of testing positive, Jon Jones was removed from the UFC 200 Fight Night cards. He was slated to fight Daniel Cormier for a light heavyweight championship bout. He will have to face a two-year suspension from the UFC, USADA and NSAC. He will also have to appear for a hearing this September or October.

In an effort to clear his name, Jon Jones and his team had his B-sample tested again to confirm the initial results. Again, it came back positive for the identified substances. As a recourse, Jon Jones sent samples of the supplements he used while in training to a laboratory testing. If the testing shows that the supplements were indeed responsible for Jon Jones’ positive test, he may have his ban reduced to six months.

The Current Status: No Reason to Celebrate

However, as it stands, Jon Jones is in for a not-so-happy birthday. The disgraced UFC star turns 29 today. The suspended fighter has long been against the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Based on his Twitter conversations with his fans regarding the controversy, he maintains his innocence. However, he does not want to be seen as playing the victim card. He instead clarified that he was a victim of his own ignorance. Though WADA has an extensive list of illegal doping agents, supplements are not on the list. This Jon Jones news serves as a reminder to sports athletes to be mindful of anything they ingest.