Australia’s beloved rocker is no more. Jon English, 66, died from complications arising from surgery.

The Australian singer and songwriter was hospitalised when he fell ill unexpectedly. states that the rocker suffered from broken ribs. During surgery, his doctors discovered a problem with the aortic valve. English died from complications during the operation and his doctors have reported an ‘aortic aneurysm’ as the exact cause of his death.

English won everyone’s hearts when he first played the role of Judas Iscariot in Australia’s version of “Jesus Christ Superstar.” reveals that this was just the beginning of an amazing career dotted with awards and accolades. English won his Logie award in 1979 for ‘Best New Talent’ for his portrayal of Jonathan Garrett in “Against the Wind.” He is also remembered for his roles in “Pirates of Penzance,” “The Mikado,” and “All Together Now.”

Some interesting facts about Jon English:

  1. Jonathon James English was born in Hampstead, UK and came to Australia when he was just 12 years old. According to The Guardian, his father had a job at Qantas in baggage handling.
  2. He went to the local high school in Cabramatta. He was a part of two bands named Zenith and Sebastian Hardie before he graduated.
  3. His album “Turn the Page,” the musical “Paris,” and “Pirates of Penzance” earned him a total of four ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association) awards throughout his career.
  4. He hated opening nights and often told his friends to watch his musicals a week after the opening, reveals Sydney Morning Herald.
  5. Jon English wrote all the incidental music for “Against the Wind” in partnership with Mario Millo.
  6. He collaborated with well known producer David Mackay for the first time in 1983.
  7. According to his website, his role titular role in and as “Rasputin” inspired him to write his own musical—“Paris.”
  8. English took the responsibility of writing the theme song and was musical director for “All Together Now.”
  9. He is known for his “magnetic eyes,” the trademark that Sydney Morning Herald gave him. However, English feels his performance is more important than his looks or his image.
  10. According to Simon Gallaher, nobody knew that Jon English could be funny till he was cast for “The Pirates of Penzance.”