The mobile space is already dominated by the likes of iOS and Android devices, and it would appear to be a long shot if you’re planning to brave the seas and battle the likes of Google and Apple. Jolla had attempted the impossible, and by the end of it, it gave up on its slate.

Jolla scored a big success when it kicked off a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo. It was backed by over 21,000 people and garnering a pledge of more than US$2.5 million (AU$3.5 million), it was easily the most anticipated projects during its time. However, not all crowdfunding success stories come flying high, and a majority of them unfortunately bite the dust. While the Jolla Tablet made its appearance in last year’s Mobile World Congress, it faced a wave of difficulties.

The company had to write off half of its staff, leaving the tablet’s fate shaky and uncertain. Jolla did manage to secure funding for the tablet, but the company’s financial woes had made huge damages on its supply chain.

What does this mean for backers? Well, Jolla is pushing efforts on refunding its fans and the future of its Sailfish OS. There were only less than 600 units of the tablet that made its way into production, and those will be shipped to the first lucky backers of the campaign.

The first refunds will be handed out by the end of the first quarter of this year while the rest should be finalized before the year ends. At the moment, Jolla is trying to cash in from licensing its Sailfish OS to manufacturers and that should be its primary financial source. Thus far, the company is drawing significant interest from mobile industry players. Jolla says that it’s still very tight financially, and it’s in the process of negotiating with its creditors.