It seems another wave of JoJo Fletcher Jordan Rodgers split rumors are making the rounds in the rumor mill. Just like the many reports that came before it, these latest speculation says that the couple’s relationship is falling apart.

Life & Style reports on this latest issue. According to the outlet, their sources share that despite the couple appearing happy in public, behind closed doors they are constantly fighting. The website further quotes their unnamed source as saying:

“It seems like he wants to end things. He isn’t putting in the effort.”

Aside from this, the source of the website also elaborates that the couple’s wedding is at risk given that there’s no concrete wedding date.

Nevertheless, it’s important to take this news with a grain of salt. After all, ever since the couple ended up together in this year’s Bachelorette finale, they have been the subject of split rumors. Still, in the end, those rumors would seem baseless since their relationship is intact.

JoJo Fletcher Jordan Rodgers split and other nonsense

Aside from the continued split rumors, JoJo is frequently dragged into Bachelor 2016 Ben Higgins’ relationship with Lauren Bushnell. The couple is also a frequent center of split rumors. From all these, Ben’s alleged ‘unresolved’ feelings for JoJo always stands as a reason.

Nevertheless, just like with any other rumors, this always turn out to be false.

In fact, Jordan and JoJo celebrated Halloween with the cutest matching costumes. As per a report from US Weekly, the couple dressed up as elderly people and were pretty convincing.

Jordan posted a snap of their costumes on Instagram. The caption read, “She won Bingo AGAIN — time to strap on our Velcro shoes and show these kids how to two step!”

It’s hard to imagine a couple whose relationship is allegedly on the rocks still bother to dress up for Halloween together.

This just goes to show that this round of Jojo Fletcher Jordan Rodgers split rumors are nothing but.