Did you know, Microsoft and HP have the longest-standing relationship in the industry- 31 years. That is right, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard have been in an alliance for 31 years sharing their innovative knowledge to advance both their programs.

In this new alliance, the partners hope to broaden the new Window’s 10 software with new and updated features. Susan Hauser, Microsoft’s Enterprise and Partner Group CVP, is promising a collaboration that will make their Window’s software “easier than ever” for customers.

They plan to offer organizations an integrated and streamline workflow which will boost productivity and aid businesses for continued growth to the market.

HP in this new alliance is hoping to create a competitive perspective on their group and be the number 1 most used software device around the globe. Window’s 10 will become a lot more business orientated with the goal being to improve customer service and business processes. The first major update of the new Windows 10 business services feature was released on November 12th and the overall response is positive.

When asked in an interview what is HP and Microsoft’s partnership key to success, Tarun Gulati, the HP Global Alliance Lead working for Microsoft said “two largest technology companies in the world working together is a recipe for success.. and the strength that HP brings to the table”

In October 2013, the partnership went through a difficult time when HP CEO, Meg Whitman declared war on Microsoft.

“HP’s traditional highly-profitable markets face significant disruption. We are seeing profound changes in the competitive landscape. Current long-time partners, like Intel and Microsoft, are increasingly becoming outright competitors.” said Whitman in a presentation to Wall Street.

The issue erupted when Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 hit the market and made a large amount of profit for the organization. However, Microsoft had claimed all the money for their own as this was HP’s ‘bread and butter’. Another issue was Microsoft advertising them as ‘ultralight notebooks’ and not just as tablets.