There was no evidence that Amber Heard could show, related to any of her injuries, when police showed up at her home on Saturday night.

An LAPD officer, who went to address the incident that occurred on last Saturday, said that police responded to radio call regarding a domestic incident .

The officer also stated that the person, who was reporting, did not insist on a report. According to, the officer mentioned there was no evidence that was provided by the victim that needed a report.

“Officers conducted an investigation and determined that a crime did not occur. The officers cleared the scene and left a business card,” the LAPD officer said.

On Friday, the actress was granted a temporary restraining order against Johnny Depp by a judge. She had accused the actor of physically assaulting her during the previous weekend.

Five days before the restraining order, Amber Heard filed for divorce.

It was reported earlier that the “Never Back Down” actress claimed that Johnny threw a cell phone at her face. It made a bad bruise on her eye.

In the Los Angeles court, Amber Heard was seen with bruises around her eyes. She also claimed that the two of them had an argument. After that Johnny hurled a glass of wine at her and then grabbed her by the shoulders, while pushing her onto the bed.

However, when cops arrived at the couple’s place Amber refused to file a police report. According to the law enforcement sources, no injury was seen at all.

Sources also said that she never talked about any brutality. It was just an argument they had. Several sources close to Johnny are saying that the actress is lying and is making up stories of domestic violence.

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According to TMZ, there was a photo posted on Instagram, in which the actress was tagged. The photo showed that she was partying with friends on Sunday. This was just a day after the alleged attack.

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However, the photo was removed on Friday, after it was spotted.