John Wick 2 released new photos of its lead cast members – Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, and Ruby Rose.

Fishburne is playing a character known as The Bowery King. In the recently released trailer, the character was seen telling John Wick that he has been dragged back into action because he is not very good at retiring.

Rose, on the other hand, portrays a character named Ares.  No details have been revealed with regards to her character’s connection to John Wick. Ares was seen in the trailing fighting the hitman. Director Chad Stahelski revealed the Orange is the New Black actress is mute in John Wick 2 and she is doing sign language throughout the movie.

The sequel of the 2014 hit movie marks the reunion for Reeves, Fishburne, and Stahelski. The three worked together on The Matrix trilogy. Veteran actor Ian McShane also starred in John Wick 2 as Winston. Lance Reddick plays Charon, Thomas Sadoski is portraying Jimmy and Bridget Moynahan as Wick’s late wife Helen.  Common and Peter Stormare also joined the cast. Tavernise

In the sequel, a former associate will brought legendary hitman John Wick back out of retirement. According to MovieWeb, Wick’s friend is plotting to take control a group of shadowy international assassins. He travels to Rome where he fights against some of the world’s deadliest killers.

Watch John Wick 2 new trailer below.

Meanwhile, part three of Keanu Reeves’ movie is already in the works.

In an interview with Collider, Stahelski revealed that they are already developing the third installment of John Wick. Stahelski said: “The studio has asked us to put our heads together and see if we can come up with something. Winston is a big part of the next one, so is Lance Reddick. We’ve got some ideas.”

John Wick 2 will hit cinemas on February 10, 2017.