Keanu Reeves has revealed at CinemaCon that he would happily star in any other “John Wick” sequels if and when they happen. The actor’s comments have led to a speculation about upcoming sequels, possibly a trilogy.

Keanu Reeves made an appearance at the CinemaCon Awards in LA. When he was asked about “John Wick: Chapter 2,” Reeves revealed a lot more than he thought he did. Collider reports that the actor spoke about the action scenes, story lines, and a viral video while talking about “John Wick: Chapter 2.”

He also shared that the “John Wick” team had some cool ideas to take the story to the next level, states Movie Web. “I love John Wick. We had an amazing time making this story. I can’t say that we’re not geeked about continuing the idea and the character,” said Reeves. “We have some really cool ideas. We talk about what would be cool to take it to the next level,” he added. His replies have only stroked the rumours about the next “John Wick” chapters. A trilogy is something that fans might look forward too. However, there is no news nor confirmation about it from the makers.

Keanu Reeves’ “John Wick” was considered a sleeper hit of 2014. According to The Atlantic, it opened at the number two slot in October and earned AU$ 102.41 million (US$78 million) worldwide on an AU$ 26.26 million (US$20 million) budget. Reeves played the titular character who is forced out of retirement after his car and dog were stolen.

The sequel starts pretty soon after the last “John Wick” movie. The story is connected and forces him out of retirement yet again to help a former associate. According to ANN, Wick will be seen travelling to Rome to fight off some of the deadliest killers in the world. The cast is composed of Keanu Reeves, Common, Ian McShane, Ruby Rose, John Leguizamo and Bridget Moynahan.

The sequel is expected to hit the screens early next year.