John Palino just announced that he is running again for mayoral office. His campaign has been officially launched after being out of sight when his meeting with Bevan Chuang was revealed and branded a “sex scandal.”

In 2013, Palino’s campaign became involved in a love triangle of Bevan Chuang, Luigi Wewege and Len Brown. Mr. Wewege, while working on his campaign, was reportedly involved with Chuang who then confirmed about her affair with Palino. This forced Wewege to leave the country following the rumour that he helped expose the affair.

Palino now claims that the ratepayers in Auckland have met with a lot of increases, which have imposed by the council. According to the Auckland mayor, the establishment of Auckland Council rates has increased from the original rate of 2.9 percent to 9.9 percent. A lot of ratepayers had a number of increases beyond these levels, Stuff reported.

The rise in rates is not the only source that is funding the spending of the council. For the past few years, the council debt has increased by almost $4 billion, which means that the Auckland Council has amassed more debt compared to the overall debt of the former council for 100 years.  Palino promises to initiate a complete review of the council spending, along with the cost savings that are passed on to the ratepayers and then redirected to important core spending.

Palino lost the 2013 election to Brown and maintained a low profile since then. His campaign manager and National Party’s former president John Slater said that he will help Palino with his campaign now, but he should be first asked if he has a good chance of winning the mayoral office this time. Palino is the third candidate of the center-right to announce a bid in the mayoralty race, which includes Victoria Crone and Mark Thomas, NZ Herald reported.