Best-selling author John Grisham’s book “The Tumor” has raised awareness about a new cancer treatment. John Grisham, with this book, has given a new impetus to the efforts of some companies endeavour to develop what could be a cutting-edge treatment for cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

John Grisham stated, “As a lawyer turned author, I know little about medicine and medical research. But when I learned about focus ultrasound and its potential to change lives, I knew it was a story worth telling.”

“The Tumor” is a fiction which revolves around a 35-year-old man with brain cancer.  It is a futuristic story which takes you to a decade into the future. The protagonist in the story is treated with focused ultrasound. It is a real-life technology that is presently being researched and considered to be a potential cure for more than 50 diseases, reported SBS.

Focus ultrasound is a treatment process using sound waves to destroy damaged tissue deep within the body. It would be an alternative to incisions and radiation therapy. However, when it comes to brain and other cancers it is a futuristic concept.

At present, the US insurers are reluctant to provide coverage, as the research is in its early stage and the clinical data is in short supply.  However, Graham’s book can prove a help to the developers to get some funding.  Mark Carol, chief executive of SonaCare Medical, said, “Having a world-famous author talk about it can only help raise awareness.”

John Grisham is on the board of Focus Ultrasound Foundation which is a non-profit organization. He described “The Tumor” as the most important book of his career.

Neal Kassell, MD Chairman, Focused Ultrasound Foundation, said, “while it’s still early stage, I believe focused ultrasound is a therapy that could transform the treatment of brain tumours and many other serious diseases.”

Recently, there were reports that anticancer drug restores hearing in some patients.