Are you waiting to see John Cena at the Wrestlemania 32? Behold. We have some good news for you. Everybody seems to be waiting for WWE Wrestlemania 32 to unfold. April promises to host one of the biggest and exciting WWE events ever.

Earlier this year John Cena took to the micro-blogging site to confirm that he won’t be a part of WWE Wrestlemania 32.

The 15-time heavyweight champion, Cena, announced that he would be undergoing a medical procedure for shoulder injury. He also sidelined himself for “undetermined amount of time”, reported CBS Sports.

The announcement came as a huge blow for the company as well as the hype surrounding the upcoming event. Though he wasn’t publicly part of the WWE promotions for the show, we all knew that nothing could keep him away from the ring.

Now latests reports on the WWE star suggested otherwise. According to the Wrestlezone, Cena hosted the “The Today Show” with Nikki Bella in New York during which he posted a quick tweet related to “Monday Night RAW”.

The iDigital Times quoted, “This is no confirmation Cena will or will not be on RAW tonight. If Cena does make it to RAW, he definitely will not be wrestling. That being said, having one of your biggest celebrities swing by less than a week before the biggest event of your company’s history would be a smart thing for WWE to do. Just having Cena on the mic for a minute or two will get people more excited for WrestleMania this weekend.”

He had been put under the knife on several occasions in the past but  recovered well from his injuries. The indefinite time period would keep his fans guessing. Well, you never know when he schedules his return to the ring. And he likes to flirt with it.

So what do you think? Is John Cena returning tonight? Share your thoughts and comments below. Stay tuned for more updates.