Joey Mead is proof that love conquers all, as her husband of five years came out as a trans woman.

Supermodel and TV host Joey Mead provided her full support to husband Ian King, who re-emerged in the spotlight as Angelina Mead King. Their full disclosure came after screen grabs from the Instagram account @hailtothe_queen leaked online. King is an heir to the Victoria Court Group of Companies. He is also a leading figure in the local motoring world. As Ian King, he uses the accoung @hailtothe_king.

The account @hailtothe_queen created in 2012 had limited access to only the couple’s close family and friends. However, due to the intrigue it raised, they thought it best to let the truth out. The response of love and acceptance from friends overwhelmed the couple. King is most grateful for the outpouring of support, as he no longer has to explain himself to anyone.

The elite group of luxury sports car owners that King belongs to also welcomed Angie. Members gathered for an informal get-together to show their support. Meanwhile, King’s brother also posted a message for his older brother who is now his older sister.

True love and support is what everybody needs. I'm so blessed and happy to finally be real! ❤️💙💜

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However, his most significant supporter is his wife whose unconditional love has been his rock throughout his transformation. Moreover, King revealed they have chosen to stay together regardless of what may happen.

“I fought hard—tooth and nail, blood sweat and tears for this relationship. Somehow, it all breaks away. For what’s life without a little bit of bizarreness?” Joey Mead told the Philippine Star in an exclusive interview. The turn of events has been a blessing for King, who has kept his transformation a secret for quite some time. Hence, he’s excited for the future as Angelina Mead King.

The acceptance of transgenders is slowly gaining ground. Recently, the Pentagon abolished the ban that prohibited their entry into the US military services. The new law will take effect in July 2017. Meanwhile, two candidates who represent the LGBT community made history with their victories at  the primaries for the upcoming US elections. Misty K. Snow and namesake Misty Plowright could possibly overtake their rivals at the polls come November 2016, sources noted.