Joe Jonas’ label Republic Records announced on Monday that his band’s new music video for the single “Toothbrush” will be out soon. The video will star size 16 model Ashley Graham as the singer’s love interest in the clip.

The DNCE frontman and the gorgeous model get hot and heavy in this new photo for the band’s single “Toothbrush.”

While Joe Jonas, 26, and 29-year-old Ashley are getting super hot with each other in this new photo, it is as good as it looks.

Unfortunately, the video is not out yet. However, the frontman has already given us an uber sexy teaser photo, and it should do until the video is out.

The “Toothbrush” video is the most recent career milestone for Ashley. She became famous when she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s iconic swimsuit issue earlier this year.

The four funky members of his band DNCE include bassist-keyboardist Cole Whittle, guitarist JinJoo and drummer Jack Lawless. The band released “Toothbrush” on their 2015 EP Swaay.

The intoxicating track chronicles a relationship at its turning point.

The lyrics go like this: “Baby, you don’t have to rush / You can keep a toothbrush at my place … We don’t need to keep it hush / You can keep a toothbrush at my place … Stuck in a limbo, half hypnotized / Each time I let you stay the night.”

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“Toothbrush” is the second single from the former Jonas Brothers’ new band. The band’s breakout “Cake by the Ocean” continues to top the charts.

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According to People, this isn’t the first time Joe Jonas has teamed up with a model on the band’s projects. The band’s October music video for “Cake by the Ocean” was directed by his ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

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According to Teen Vogue, fans have already started commenting on Twitter and Instagram. Their comments show that they’re quite excited for the pairing in the video.